I’m back … but need your help

I’m back … but need your help

Right, I’ve finally got this site back online. It was offline for several months; a combination of a new job and a domain squatter who’s sitting on the old URL. Not exactly the greatest comeback since Lazarus (left), but I think people were finding the information useful. Therefore, I’m rehosting the site on another space, […]

Bullet points in QuarkXPress

For reasons that have long escaped me, QuarkXPress has no automatic method for making bullet points (or numbered lists for that matter). There’s no magic button, as in MS Word, that gives you an instantly formatted bullet point that’s easy to customise. If you’re importing text from MS Word (Word 2003 at least) using File>Import […]

Exporting HTML from QuarkXPress

A recent post gave an overview of Quark’s ability as a web-authoring tool and my conclusion was essentially ‘nice looking pages, shame about the code’. Alternatively, using the same method of exporting Quark to Word, you can also export a string of text to HTML in a similar fashion, although the results are similarly unsatisfying. […]

Making web pages with QuarkXPress

Now, you may have found this article in the expectation of a comprehensive guide to using Quark as a web-authoring tool. While I have spent some time playing around with this feature, I’m no expert. Having said that, I’ve found virtually nothing on the internet on this subject so in the kingdom of the blind, […]