Improved Word to Quark conversion?

Interesting post from the good folk at Planet Quark on a product to improve the (frankly fairly basic) importing of MS Word text into Quark. Interestingly, the utility allows you to import Word footnotes (presumably onto the relevant page rather than the end of the text string), which – judging by feedback – would be a valuable tool for many people.

The product is called qXport and the link to the English version of the site is here (although not all the links on this area of the site seem to work). There is a free trial version, which I might have a play with. If anyone’s any experience of this, please post a comment.

One Response to “Improved Word to Quark conversion?”

  1. I tried this using Windows QuarkXPress 7.31 and Windows MS Word 2003. While I did not twiddle with qXport a great deal (because it explicitly states that it supports QuarkXPress 6.x), I’ve been getting pretty good results with FileCleaner, NoteStripper and QuarkConverter, three programs sold by

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