A quick note to readers

In the short time I’ve been building this site, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors I get, especially as I’ve always thought blogs to be a bit suspect. I was even more surprised by how far up the Google rankings I appear on some topics.

Anyway, please leave a comment if a post has been helpful, if you have a question, or a suggestion for a posting. Also, as I probably ignore 50% of the features of Quark and Word, you might be able to tell me something useful.

All the best, the one-man publisher

2 Responses to “A quick note to readers”

  1. Hey there, one-man publisher!

    I like the helpful tips you’re giving your readers about how to use QuarkXPress. Would you mind if we mentioned your stories at http://www.planetquark.com and linked back to them?

  2. Yes, of course. I noticed your site several months ago and have been linking to it on my front page.

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