I’m back … but need your help

I’m back … but need your help

Right, I’ve finally got this site back online. It was offline for several months; a combination of a new job and a domain squatter who’s sitting on the old URL.

Not exactly the greatest comeback since Lazarus (left), but I think people were finding the information useful. Therefore, I’m rehosting the site on another space, to keep the articles online.

Anyway, I’m not working in print publishing at the moment and it’s a bit difficult to keep writing QuarkXPress tips as I no longer have access to a copy. So, if anyone would like to contribute to the site, please leave a comment and I’ll see about adding you to the author list (I’ll be able to see your email address, although it won’t be displayed). It would be great to have some tips on QuarkXPress 8, InDesign and Word 2007 (assuming they’ve put any useful features in it).

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