Anyone using Word 2007?

My company hasn’t decided to upgrade to Windows Vista — probably a good thing from the articles and blogs I’ve read. But I’m curious about the new version of MS Word, so if you’ve any experience of it, please drop me a line.

I have a real love-hate relationship with MS Word. For composition I think it’s great and it can do uncomplicated formatting quite well. For anything else, particularly complex layouts, I think it’s a bit shit.

What I do often use in MS Word is the Styles and Formatting function and in Word 2003 it’s rotten, although I’ve kind of developed workarounds that I’d have trouble explaining to you, dear reader. I’m sure it’s worse than the previous version I remember (2000?) and I’m also convinced that Word 6.0 was the high watermark in the world of Word (though that’s going back a bit and the mind can play tricks on you…).

Anyway, is Word 2007 any better? And is it compatible with Quark? (I have this terrible thought in the back of my mind that we’d all be better off using Notepad.)

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